Write On, Llangefni

Write On started in 2009 when a group of writers enjoyed three writing workshops given by a local writer.  They asked if the workshops could continue and it was decided a writing group should be established.   Members would take it in turns to lead sessions.  They agreed on a constitution, opened a bank account and have been able to buy in occasional workshops from local published writers.


Each session starts with a reading of homework after which there is a workshop.  Friendships have been established and a supportive atmosphere prevails. The group is flourishing and it has been necessary to limit the number of members to 12 .

Meetings are 12 noon - 2 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays in the month.  The sessions are held in the Town Hall, Llangefni.  Fees are £2 a session + donation towards the cost of tea and coffee.  Delicious, freshly-made sandwiches, prepared by the Age Well team, can be bought at a reasonable price.


A second group has been set up.  "Just Write" meets on the second and fourth Tuesday each month, in the same place but from 10am to 12 noon.

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CONTACT:      CHERRY,  tel. 01248 853683.



Relaxed; relaxed upon the sand,

With body still, all movement banned.

Flatter, flatten, arms widespread,

Soft sand cradling weightless head.

Eyes tight shut against the glare,

Bodiless, I am not there.

Stranded, stranded detritus,

Thoughtless to all life’s fuss.

Rootless sea-plant, doomed to dry,

Motionless under Summer sky.

Motion-, thought- less, at my wish,

As gelid, jelly, jelly-fish,

Flat, abandoned on the strand.

Relaxed, relaxed upon the sand,

The only time, the only place

For forgetting life’s pointless race.

Tingling sun-warmth on my thighs,

Clear red screen o’er lidded eyes.


Stop the counters, set to naught

The tumbling turmoil of daily thought;

Start again when I move on,

When sea, sand, sun, and I are gone.

When creaking joints propel me where

There is no warmth, no sun-warmed air;

And greying, aging, I must strive,

Like a stranded fish to stay alive,

And arch and kick and flop and bound

‘Neath city skies, in traffic’s sound.

Will I, can I, can I hope,

To relax again on a gentle slope,

And naked lie under Anglesey’s sky;

Just the sea, sun, sand, and I?


Poetry success


One of our members, Neil Brooks, was awarded the Bardic Chair at the 2013 Older People's Eisteddfod in Llangefni for his poem "Sand".


Helen Ellis presents Neil with the engraved slate prize.


Read his poem

on the right.